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2 Piece Rain Suit Gear

$79.00 USD $89.99 USD
SKU: 15442

  • Windproof and Waterproof
  • Pants also have pockets
  • Draw Strings and Gathered Waist on Pants
  • Draw Strings on the Bottom of the Jacket to Tighten or Loosen
  • Layered Breathable P.U. Fabric that Transports Perspiration to the Outer Fabric, where it evaporates into the Air
  • Small Reflectors on Front and Back that Enhances Safety at Night and Low Visibility Situations
When the road curves at you, your ride and you lean into them. Yet when nature starts to mess with your plans, you make sure to have our 2 piece rain suit gear to get through any condition. Waterproof, windproof, and comfortable, this rain gear is layered with breathable fabric to allow you to have the most comfortable rides through the harshest storms. Well-constructed for the roads to come, keeping you dry and fashionable along the way. Draw strings placed on the waist and bottom of the jacket to loosen or tighten you up, depending to your ride that day. To keep you safe we've included reflectors on the front and back so you will be noticeable at night and in situations with low visibility. Stay dry in your 2 piece rain suit by Dream Apparel.