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Black/Chrome Heart And Red Rose Alligator Boot Clips

$14.99 USD

  • Alligator boot clips
  • Beautiful black/chrome heart and red rose design
  • 6 inch elastic band, streches
  • Black Steel Clips
  • Small and lightweight
  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to use: Just clip and ride
We've all had that moment where our pants rose up our leg and we remained unaware until it was pointed out to us publicly. These moments are very related and often times embarassing. What makes it even worst is that it can cause discomfort to you as well. This discomfort is even worst when it comes to riding, and for us bikers riding should be the most comfortable times. Dream apparel however has come up with a solution to your problems as we wamt our bikers to have the best riding experiences period. Our solution is our all new boot clips, the best way to keep your pants where they belong. These provide protection from bugs and cold air all while making sure your pants remain aligned while riding. They are small and lightweight while still being sturdy and durable. The alligator clips are built to last and very much effective. These particular boot clips feature a chrome/black heart with a red rose in it, which is a beautiful look that really stands out when wearing it and also is simple. Do not hesitate on these, grab a pair right now and you will not look back. Get rid of those complications, it's really that easy. Just clip and ride.