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Black Naked Cowhide Leather Multi-Pocket Belt Bag

$29.99 USD $39.99 USD
SKU: BAG39-11

  • Black Naked Cowhide Leather Belt Bag
  • 2 large chrome lobster clasps to attach/detach to belt loops
  • 1 zippered pocket on the back
  • 1 Identical zippered pocket on the front of the bag
  • 1 Zippered pocket running along the right side of the front
  • Small slip pocket on the left side of the front
  • 1 Main Zippered Pocket at the middle of the bag
  • 9" x 7"
Dream Apparel's 9" x 7" black naked cowhide leather multi-pocket belt bag is made perfectly for a variety of situations including quick store runs or long bike runs with the club. Whatever it may be, your ideal choice is here. This belt bag is designed beautifully with five pockets all together. If you're the type of person who carries various items or you just like keeping your belonging's organized, then this bag is the perfect accessory for you. The lobster clasps included allow easy attachment to your belt loops and the leather strap gives you the alternative to just throw it over your shoulders. Either way, this bag is a must have for any biker looking to improve their look while still having a great amount of storage.