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Kids Leather Jacket

$75.99 USD
SKU: 12957

  • Made from Top Grade Cowhide Leather
  • Stylish orange racing stripes across front / back of jacket
  • Features a Z/o lining that runs through the sleeves
  • Includes two air vents on front and two on the back
  • Multi pockets outside and inside pocket also
  • Zippered cuffs
Our kids are the most important thing in our life, why not give them something they deserve. A stylish, top quality leather jacket with orange strips cut right in. The stylish work of art is perfect for all places, as well as makes you look like a little badass. Zip out lining within the sleeves to give your arms more freedom. When your hands are cold, you can slide them into your pockets, or just store things in them, you have plenty, both inside and on the front. Featuring 2 air vents on the front and 2 on the back to give you that nice chill feeling going down your spine. Zip up your cuffs and get ready for the next ride along, for this jacket will make you feel at home.