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Men's Black Denim Motorcycle Club Vest

$49.99 USD $99.00 USD
SKU: 28195

  • Men's Club Vest
  • Made from beautiful top-grade, genuine black denim
  • Comfort and style oriented
  • Heavy-duty built to last
  • 8 total pockets
  • 2 slip-in waist pockets
  • 2 zippered interior pocket
  • 4 dual-snapped interior pockets
  • Snapped and zippered front closure
Denim is a timeless trend that only gets better and better with time. Gradually, black denim has been becoming more and more popular as it gives you an oppurtunity to put a twist on something already good. Our all new beautiful top grade black denim club vest is a perfect example of this. The simplistic exterior features two waist pockets that are easy to slip into while leaving the chest area plain. This allows it however to stand out even more. The interior is more detailed and complex with a great amount of storage. A total of six pockets can be found. Two zippered pockets, one vertical and one horizonal are placed on either side. Of these, both are fairly large in size. Then towards the bottom, a total of four double snapped pockets available. Two on each side, one placed above the other. Along with this, another convenient feature is the dual closing. It features both a snapped and zippered opening which is a great addition especially on colder days. This is a great buy so grab yours today!