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Mens Genuine Soft Leather Bubble Vest

$19.99 USD $49.99 USD
SKU: 1920

  • Made from soft leather
  • Bubble vest
  • 2 large interior slip pockets
  • 1 interior zippered pocket on left
  • 2 roomy exterior waist pockets
  • Zippered front closure
  • Elastic pull strings on waist for adjustable fit
Standing outside smoking a cigarette, you notice it is a little chilly out but not to the point to put on a jacket. Now comes the hard part, if you don’t need a jacket but you don’t want to be that cold, it is time to buy something that will do its job. Bubble Vest is soft, smooth, and relaxing. Giving you a serious appearance with a very enjoyable fit for coziness and snugness. Keeps you warm and snug in the cold with its bubble like design. The material is great, just like its workmanship on its creation. Sliding your nimble fingers on the surface of this will remind you of when humans were cavemen and we wore pelts. This shall turn into a daily outfit and you will be even happier! All of this while saving your wallet from overpaying anywhere else. Your woman will love to put her hands on you when you’ve got this piece on.